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Smart Watch

With a normal analog face, the smart watch is displayed on the top glass of the watch. With many features, heart rate, GPS, Phone Call, Text messaging and more!

Classic Analog

With a normal analog face, the only one that will know you have a smart watch on your wrist will be you.


  • Bluetooth 4.0

    Connect to Andrioid or IOS devices through the Ruxus app.

  • Fitness

    Keep Track of your heart rate, calories burn, distance traveled, and more.

  • Phone

    See who is calling you, have the option to either answer the phone or ignore the call just from your wrist.

  • Text and Email

    View Text messages and emails at a quick glance. Have the option with quick reply to respond from your watch.

  • Phone Camera

    Use your watch to take the photo off your phone.

  • Snow and Surf Report

    Connect with your favorite resorts, or know when the tide is coming in. 

  • Emergency Services

    With a simple push, notify either close loved ones or emergency services that you need assistance.

  • Weather

    Weather in real time. Find out what the temperature is and if you'll need a coat, shorts or an umberalla.

  • Music Control

    Play, Pause, Skip, and more. Control your music.


When will shipping begin?

After we receive the campaign funds we will immediatly start production, with an estimated shipping date end of November, beginning of December.

How is it on the Glass of the watch?

With a patent in the works, we are working on getting the image displayed on a clear LCD screen. 

Can I talk with my watch?

Currently we have plans to make it that you can just take your watch with you and leave your phone at home. But we will keep updates coming on what features are feasible and what we can get on the watch without compromising other necessary features.

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